Saturday, October 21, 2006

I love you, I really, really, do

Are investors too much in love with stocks these days?

The reason I ask this question is obvious, given the recent Dow Jones records, but my interest was piqued by accidentally tapping a link that took me to the msn money web-site.

The so-called "Stock Scouter" on the site purports to show that in three categories of a) sector type, b) investing styles, and c) market capitalization ranges which is "in favor", "neutral", or "out-of-favor". Guess what?!

In all three categories (sectors, styles and capitalization ranges), there isn't a single thing that is "out of favor". Is this one of those contra-indicators, suggesting that the market is priced to perfection, with nowhere to go but down?


The Confused Capitalist

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Empty Spaces Inc. said...

i think you might be on to something. the economy isn't as good as the fed says.