Monday, October 09, 2006

Blog Quality Continues to Impress This Blogger

Just been taking a recent tour around many new (or new to me) stocks/investing/market commentary blog sites. The quality even from so-called amateurs is amazing, as is the explosion of blogs.

It's getting hard to see all the new stuff, there's so much of it coming on so often ... all good for the consumer ... makes Jim Cramer's crap seem more like, well ... crap ...

I'll probably be adding numerous links to my site fairly soon, based on my travels to some of these great blogs ...


The Confused Capitalist


Anonymous said...

what do you think of the Perma-Bear sites who talk about Dow @ 6800 ????

Jay Walker said...

Extreme calls are rare that they actually unfold that way. While the market might be somewhat overvalued (as some argue), to suggest a 6800 level is pretty extreme and not one that I personally subscribe to, baring some type of catastrophe.


ThinkAccurate said...

The question is not if extreme unfoldings are rare during normal circumstances, but if extreme changes are rare during extreme circumstances.

Bears consider the environment to be extreme (record deficits both current and projected, and potentially various other significant problems depending on the particular bear).

And commenter, don't confuse big-bear with perma-bear. A big frost and perma-frost are also different.

John Doe said...

just stumbled on your blog today. I, too, am impressed with the abilities of amatuers.

There are so many good blogs out there, and ones that update on a nearly daily basis. And, very few require the wearing of tinfoil hats.

Good luck

John Doe