Saturday, April 15, 2006

ETFs - Some guides to the enlarging smorgasbord!

The world of ETFs is expanding, but there is a dearth of sites dedicated to some basic research (i.e. valuation tools) on them.

I find ETFs are a very useful portfolio risk management and return enhancement tool: unfortunately, it takes a lot of digging to uncover favorable valuation metrics that underlie wise choices. The following are some links I've been able to uncover to date.

Some of these leads have been provided by my internet friend, portfolio manager Roger Nusbaum. He definitely uses these a lot for his clients.

The following are some links that may prove useful in your search for basic information relating to them:
  1. Index Universe (has some good screening and charting features, including international ETFs).
  2. Morningstar's offerings on ETFs (as always, something useful on this site).
  3. Fund Super Mart (not really about ETFs, but useful if you're trying to uncover emerging market PE ratios).
  4. ETF Connect (basically more charting tools).
  5. ETF Trends (Mostly opinion/commentary about ETFs).
  6. ETF Investor (Mostly opinion/commentary about ETFs).
and some of the actual ETF providers:
  1. iShares (Useful PE and PB screening tool)
  2. Select Sector Spyders (has value metrics on the various sector SPDRs).
  3. PowerShares (not much there re: valuation tools)
  4. Bldrs Funds (not much there re: valuation tools)
  5. Hldrs Funds (not much there re: valuation tools)
  6. Rydex Funds (not much there re: valuation tools)
  7. State Street Global Advisors (not much there re: valuation tools)
  8. Vanguard (not much there re: valuation tools)
Well, that's about it for now. I'll add more to this later as I gather further information, and will put a link to this on the right hand side of my site. If you have some particular site that you've found useful, please post a comment and I'll add it later to these.


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Terry said...

how does someone like me buy ETP,s I have about 3-5 thousand in a savings account at bank, not doing much, if I can buy ETP,s how and how long can you buy? can you move them around?

Terry said...

I also have about 30,000 in a roth ira and another iraa at american funds, can I move this into a ETP? or some of it!