Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ETFs - Blow your horn

I've read a few articles around the net yakking it up about how many ETFs are, essentially, replicas of other ETFs already out there. And that the 200 or so, should be enough for anyone, right? Many have really puckered up to that trumpet, and are blowing hard.

There's about 8,000 mutual funds out there, and people think that 2.5% of that in ETFs is enough? Pulleeze!

I don't hear too many financial advisor's saying that the doors should be shuttered on the 90% of mutual funds which are essentially replica's of each other AND underperform the market. Would their silence on this issue be because of the juicy trailer fees that accrue with mutual fund recommendations, and their squawking about ETFs due to the limited to no trailer fees?

Before you believe those puckered up to blow on the "200 is too many" sheet music, check their knowledge, motives and whether they're protesting the outrageous number of mutual funds.

When I see an ETF for every industry type, for every single country, for every capitalization size, and for every type of outperforming back-tested fundamental and enhanced indexing style there is, using rules-based entry strategies, and virtually every combination thereof, TIMES TWO, then I might start to agree with those already puckered up on the "there are too many" trumpet.

Until then, ETFs, until then, blow your own horn baby. Blow sweetly and with all the range of melodies available in the investment world.


The Confused Capitalist

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