Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Investing Christmas List

Like any investor, I wish for the next year to be full of market-beating returns.

But, rather than wish for this directly, here's my list of products or things I'd like to see that I think could help do that job over the next year:

10. A fundamentally-indexed (broad-based, not just on dividends) BRIC ETF;
9. A fundamentally-indexed (broad-based, not just on dividends) Euro ETF;
8. A fundamentally-indexed (ibid) global bank ETF;
7. Finding a wonderful proxy investment on the cusp of a major breakout;
6. More quality screening tools, like Magic Formula Investing;
5. A fundamentally-indexed (ibid) Japanese ETF;
4. A fundamentally-indexed (ibid) global small growth companies ETF;
3. A complete proliferation of fundamentally-index (ibid) EFTs;
2. Double-leveraged ETFs of all of the above and, finally;
1. More patience, so that I may reap the rewards of proper analysis, rather than falling victim, as so many have over the years, to the following saying ...
A man may see straight and clearly and yet become impatient or doubtful when the market takes its time about doing as he figures it must do… the market does not beat them… they beat themselves, because even though they have brains they cannot sit tight.
Merry Christmas to all ... may you and your loved ones have a fabulous time this holiday season ... no matter your beliefs, nationality, or any thing else for that matter ...


The Confused Capitalist

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Nick said...


This past year I resembled your quote. :( May I learn patience again...Merry Christmas