Saturday, February 25, 2006

Have a plan - you'll do better than without one.

Well, our team of four players plus numerous local add-ons eked out a 5-5 draw last night. Although most of the players didn't know each other very well, we all seemed to playing within a unified plan. And that seemed to be, that no one left our zone without being in clear control of the puck. So despite playing against a vastly superior team, we played pretty even against them, and nearly had the game won.

This is similar to investing too - writing down even the basic rudimentary elements of a plan can help you to keep your sense of direction in the face of uncertain markets, and numerous "great ideas" (ie new stocks, which you simply "must buy", today!). Furthermore, analyzing your results against your plan periodically (every year or so), can help you improve on areas you did well, and shore up your weak areas. I'll be discussing this more in the future.

By the way - an unheralded near spiritual event occurred for me - I scored three goals! (If only one of them hadn't been on my own goalie!). Bye for now.


The Confused Capitalist

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