Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Salute to Abnormal Returns

Disaster has struck!

Abnormal Returns, the finest investment blog in the blogosphere, has decided to take a brief break from the task of blogging. How will I get my daily fix of top-quality investment-related information?

Whether Abnormal was writing on behavioural-related investment issues; or on portfolio allocations and the need to provide advice that does no harm; or about thinking more critically sharply about positive studies you might be hearing about; or about the prospect that a commodity bubble has occurred (or least that future returns in this sector are likely to be relatively weak); or theme-oriented aggregations (such as this example on fundamental indexes/ETFs); or one of my personal favorites, a posting on "proxy investing", Abnormal brought a great deal of insight or information to our attention.

Even when I disagreed with the thesis, there was no mistaking that this was a very knowledgeable serious investor here. And a damn fine writer too.

And of course, there was the daily litany of links, many well-outside the investment world per se, that highlights an active, curious and and interested mind.

The writer of this blog and the writings herein have directly benefited from the active mind of Abnormal Returns. Abnormal Returns is, in my opinion, by a country mile the best overall investment blog out there, one that I visit daily, and cannot recommend too highly. I therefore grant Abnormal Returns the highest honor as shown here ...
May I suggest you visit or revisit Abnormal Returns for edification, erudition, and illumination?


The Confused Capitalist

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