Thursday, August 12, 2010

Investment Earworm Contest

Ever get a music earworm? Sometimes it happens with other things too.

As readers of this blog may suspect, my most prolific posting often comes when I am also doing the most investment reading. Obviously, one of those times is now.

The many earworms of Warren Buffett have worked on my investment thinking over the years. However, I recently caught another investment earworm which I just can't shake, because it seems to make far too much sense.

The investment earworm is, essentially, this:

.... (this asset class/type/sector/leaning) wins both the optimistic and the pessimistic scenario."

This was a recent utterance of a well known investor. The first one to name both the asset class/type/sector etc. and the investor, wins their choice of either of the two following good investment books:

Please post in the comments section, and I will monitor for the winner. The contest is open for the next two weeks - limit of one entry per day per person.

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Rick said...

This looks like Jim Rogers talking about commodities?

Thomas J Venner said...

I always likw to hear what Rogers has to say.

Jay Walker said...

And, we have a winner folks. Rick has correctly identified the speaker of the comment and the asset class.

What Rogers is saying here, is that if the emerging economies continue their assent - and with it demand for commodities - then commodities prices will continue rising, even if inflation is benign. This is the optimistic scenario

On the other hand, if inflation starts to run away, due to the extremely high levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus (the pessimistic scenario), then the only thing that'll hold their value, are "real" assets, namely commodities and possibly real estate.

Congratulations Rick, I will contact you shortly to obtain your address and find out which book you would like.

Jay Walker said...

I shouldn't have spoken so quickly Rick. I see that you do not have an email address in your profile.

Please send me an email at:
bloggering (at) and advise which book you would like, and what your address is.


Rick said...

woohoo! Thanks Jay, I will contact you (and see if I can update my profile too).