Friday, November 07, 2008

Bigotry Alive Still

The tearful responses of many prominent black people after the election tells me that a great many of them have personally endured some amount of bigotry during their lifetimes. I suspect that had a women been elected president, the response would have been far more muted, as many of the most important gains made by women happened mostly decades ago.

Just as an Asian friend of mine was able to point out nuanced bigotry during a speech by a poorly chosen MC, acknowledging lifetime achievement by a great college teacher of mine, Dr. Fred Young, so too are many minorities sensitive (sensitive in the positive sense in that they are actually able to see something that exists) to bigotry.

I sincerely hope that racial reconciliation continues to occur and that people of all races, ages and faiths continue to open their hearts. May the promised land grow ever closer and closer.


The Confused Capitalist

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Anonymous said...

you're so naive, but at least you're hopeful...old ideas die hard, and ignorance is sticky...amazing how people cling to that which keeps us in darkness.