Friday, April 06, 2007

$124.93! Thank you!

I received my first cheque from Google for the ads running with my blog. Of course it's primarily based on volume of click throughs.

After 180 articles, and hundreds of hours spent maintaining and researching articles that ended up in this blog, I got my cheque of $124.93. Which ain't bad for a hobby I'd do for free; lucrative it's not, but it's nice to be able to take the Mrs. Confused Capitalist out for a nice dinner (or, as she's want to do, pay a couple of bills with it).

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Luckily, I received a speeding ticket lately that'll nicely gobble up that cheque. The ticket cost? $124 even. Which leaves me trying to figure out what to do with the 93 cents.

In any case, thanks to my readers, and thanks for those who click through once in a while!

Oh, by the way, I recently received a copy of the newly-minted book "The Sleuth Investor" by the excellent Avner Mandelman. I am enjoying the book immensely and will provide a review of it very soon. It reads very well and provides considerable investing insight.


The Confused Capitalist


Andy Kern said...

Thats good info to know. I have always wondered how profitable those ads were but never wanted to pry anyone over it. So the $124 is for the entire life of your blog to date?

Jay Walker said...

Yes, that's over the entire life of the blog - they don't send a payment until it's reached $100.